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By Amanda Macmillan

Recent Articles on Running and Fitness

There is so much great information published about running, fitness and diets that it's hard to keep up with them all. Below are recent articles I've found interesting and/or helpful.

Accountability is a key aspect of success! Below are my upcoming races! More races will be added to fill the upcoming Florida racing season! What do you have planned? Click on each race to visit their website!


10/20/18 Brooklyn Marathon

11/4/18 Ft. Myers Marathon

11/17/18 NYRR NYC 60K

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Runners and athletes, welcome! This site is primarily to track my activity and share my passion for running, fitness and a healthy and ethical lifestyle. If seeing my activity can encourage one person to go for a run or workout for the first time, or try a new distance, then I have succeeded. Above all, I hope to be an example to encourage you with your running and fitness goals.

The running community is extremely inclusive; there are many resources to help us connect with others, train, and track our data. I am a proud
Marathon Maniac (#10328). See if you meet thecriteriafor the "InSane Asylum!" If you have any comments, or questions, I'd enjoy hearing from you. Please email me at or just click the "Contact Me" button above.

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