There are so many different sources of running related information and products on the market. Here are a few I use and recommend!


Let me start by saying how important it is tovisit your local running store; they can correctly fit you for shoes, which is very important, and provide experience, knowledge, and give encouragement. Furthermore, you will be supporting your local economy!With that said, there is a place for shopping online; there are great deals to be had and it can be a time saver with our busy lives. Brian Metzler wrote a great article on titled The Pros and Cons of buying Cheap Running Shoes. He provides several examples of online running retailers and, to summarize, If you know what you're looking for, online shopping may be the way to go, however, If you're looking for new shoes, need advice, or want/enjoy an inclusive running atmosphere, your local running shop is the better option. is a great site that sells a huge selection of running related items. Their VIP club offers 10% off everything and free shipping! It's $1.99 for the first year, $27.99 thereafter. Even at the $27.99 price, I'm saving huge with just my shoe purchases! Another great option is They offer a great selection of products with free shipping and free returns!

If you know which running shoes you're looking for, you can input this information; they scour the Internet and provides you with the least expensive website where your specific shoes are advertised.

Do you ever find yourself wondering how something will work before you buy it? Of course you do! We all go online looking for reviews, especially for expensive items like electronics. DC Rainmaker reviews just about every relevant product you can imagine. He is diligent and his reviews are thorough; he really puts products through the paces and compares alternatives so you can be confident you're buying a great item that is exactly what you're looking for! DC Rainmaker partners with Clever Training. They offer a huge range of running, triathlon, and fitness products. Enter the code DCR10BTF to get 10% off your purchase (orders over $75.00 get free shipping)!


Plant Powered Performance

Running Articles, Information, and Training

Activity Tracking

Tracking my runs is one of my favorite parts of being a runner. Not only do I enjoy the stats, but I enjoy sharing the data with the running/fitness community and, moreover, seeing what other athletes have been doing. I use Garmin's Fenix 5X GPS watch to track my runs and other activities.I use two platforms to track and log my activities: Garmin Connect, and Strava.For daily step/activity tracking, Fitbit also has great products. I love my Fitbit Alta!

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Thinking about buying a treadmill to continue training when the weather isn't cooperating? evaluates many treadmills for runners here! is constantly updating their reviews so you can be sure you have the most up-to-date information. They evaluate and compare treadmills using several variables: cushion, reliability, noise level, quality, tech/entertainment, value, MSRP, walking area, power, and warranty. 

The Importance of sleep

We inherently know we need to sleep, but if you're interested in learning about why we need sleep and how it benefits you a an athlete, take a look at;'s stated goal is to "improve sleep hygiene, health, and wellness through the creation and dissemination of comprehensive, unbiased, free resources."

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Matt Bertrand - Vegan runner and fitness enthusiast